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Know the facts

Anti Scratch

As plastic lenses scratch easily they must be handled more carefully than glass lenses. An anti scratch coating can be applied to plastic lenses which makes them almost as scratch resistant as glass lenses.


To be comfortable consider how the frame fits on the nose, cheeks, temples and ears. Sunglasses are for protection to make sure the frame is large enough to protect the eye from light and UV radiation. The temple pieces (the arm/sides) of the glasses should not interfere with your side vision. This is a particularly important factor for drivers to keep in mind.


Quality prescription and non-prescription sunglasses are available in a variety of price ranges. Some factors effect cost. For instance, lens material, lens coatings, frame selection and designer names are reflected in the cost of your sunglasses. However, higher cost does not necessarily mean better quality.

Available Products

You can buy Unisex, exotics, ladies, wires, kids, polarized and more at Milano Optical.

Milano Optical is one Vaughan's top source for sunglasses, contact lenses, contact sports and safety eyewear, occupational safety glasses. It is our mission at Milano Optical to create an atmosphere that you, the customer, can order lenses and frames that are of first quality, sold at a fair price, and delivered in a quick and reasonable time.

A perfect combination of fashion, elegance, and comfort

Providing reliable and high quality of service to customers are some of the core business values at Milano Optical. Exploring new markets for our products is a mission to Milano Optical when stepping into the 21st century. We aim to satisfy the various needs and requirements of our customers.
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