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Milano Optical offers top brand name sports sunglasses, goggles, prescription sunglasses & more! Enhance your performance with sport-specific lenses! NEED PRESCRIPTION LENSES? Almost all of our sports sunglasses and goggles are available with a custom prescription option.
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Tips on Selecting Frames for Action Sports

Action Sports includes everything from rock climbing to in-line skating, from hang gliding to beach volleyball. If you didn't find what you were looking for under the other sports headings, chances are you'll find it in this section.

With the growing demand for sport specific eyewear, manufacturers have allocated additional resources toward the testing of sport specific products, both in the factory and out in the field. The result has been product enhancements specifically addressing the concerns of athletes. Eyewear manufacturers are able to simulate conditions such as wind, rain, cold and heat to determine the short-term and long-term effects these elements can have on the performance and life span of their products. High-tech refrigeration and/or heating units are used to determine how the glasses will perform in extreme conditions.
So no matter what your sport of choice, Milano Optical has the right sports eyewear for you.

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